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A Pizza-La deliveryman in Chiyoda, Tokyo.

Pizza-La (ピザーラ Pizāra?) is the highest-grossing pizza chain in Japan. Franchises of the chain are located in 34 of Japan's 47 prefectures. The company has its headquarters in the Zenkaren Building (全菓連ビル Zenkaren Biru?) in southern Aoyama, Minato, Tokyo.[1]

The company's slogan is "All the taste and toppings you want on a pizza, straight from our oven to your door!"

The company's mascot is Pizza-La-Kun. The name of the company is derived from combining "pizza" and "Godzilla."

Sporting events[edit]

Pizza-La is a former sponsor of Bowling Revolution P★League.

In popular culture[edit]

  • Pizza-La is referenced by the Lucky Star OVA with an in-game sponsorship item, the "Pizza-La shield."
  • Pizza-La is seen as an actual in-world brand in the Eureka Seven anime.
  • In Yotsuba&! chapter 71 (Yotsuba and Pizza), Yotsuba's father orders a Pizza-La pizza via online ordering.
  • In Danshi Koukosei no Nichijou, Pizza-La was an actual restaurant


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