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Pizza 73
Subsidiary of Pizza Pizza
Industry Restaurants
Founded Edmonton, Alberta, Canada (1985)
Founder David Tougas
Guy Goodwin
Headquarters Edmonton, Alberta, Canada
Number of locations
Key people
Guy Goodwin, president
Michael Overs (passed), chairman
Products Pizza
Chicken wings
Parent Pizza Pizza

Pizza 73 is a Canadian restaurant chain that offers a number of different styles of pizza, along with chicken wings. It has been operated by Pizza Pizza since 2007.[1] Toronto-based Pizza Pizza had acquired the restaurant for a total of $CAN70.2 million.[1] There are 89 locations throughout Western Canada, which include the provinces of British Columbia, Alberta, and Saskatchewan. The restaurant's name originates from its original phone number: 473–7373.[2] Founded by David Tougas and Guy Goodwin in 1985,[1] Pizza 73 is headquartered in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada,.[3][1]

It was the first delivery chain in Western Canada that provided a centralized call center, allowing customers to order their meal by phone; Pizza 73 has allowed orders online by the internet since 1995.[1][4] The restaurant has been recognized as one of Canada's 50 best managed services,[1] and one of Alberta's 50 fastest growing companies by Alberta Venture.[1] On August 18, 2011, Pizza 73 launched its iPhone application, thus allowing potential customers a new way to order food.[5]


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