Pizza Corner (Halifax)

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Pizza Corner
Restaurant district
Pizza Corner in September 2018.
Pizza Corner in September 2018.
LocationHalifax, Nova Scotia, Canada
Junction of Blowers Street and Grafton Street
Coordinates: 44°38′42″N 63°34′28″W / 44.6449°N 63.5744°W / 44.6449; -63.5744

Pizza Corner is an intersection downtown Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada, at the junction of Blowers Street and Grafton Street. It is a local landmark[1][2][3] originally consisting of three pizzerias: King of Donair, Sicilian Pizza and the European Food Shop. Completing the four corners is The Presbyterian Church of Saint David, a provincially recognized heritage building.[4]

All three pizzerias are known for their Halifax-style donairs, and the corner is a popular destination for hungry patrons of the local bars and pubs.[2][3][5]


King of Donair at Blowers and Grafton Streets, July 2006.

In 1995, when the G7 Summit was held in Halifax several world leaders made a point of visiting the location and buying donairs.[6]

In 2012 King of Donair left their longtime location over a dispute with the building owner, leaving the iconic corner with only two pizzerias.[7] The space was filled for a few years by a frozen yogurt chain, but in 2017 Pizza Girls opened in the former KOD location[8]. The European Food Shop closed in 2015 after operating there since 1987,[9] but the space was not left empty for long as Johnny K's Authentic Donair opened up just a few months later.[10]


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