Pizza Fusion

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Pizza Fusion
Industry Restaurant/Pizza
Headquarters Deerfield Beach, Florida
Key people
Michael Gordon, Co-founder
Vaughn Lazar, Co-founder
Randy Romano, VP/Franchise Development

Pizza Fusion is a Deerfield Beach, Florida-based[1] pizza restaurant chain. Using mostly organic ingredients and emphasizing green building methods, the restaurants operate under the tagline Saving the Earth, One Pizza at a Time.[2]


Pizza Fusion was founded in 2006 by Michael Gordon and Vaughan Lazar. Lazar and Gordon had targeted Newman's Own, Patagonia and Starbucks as role models, before opening their first store.[3] In April 2009 signed a franchise agreement for Saudi Arabia with the Samir Group, a Saudi Arabia-based conglomerate.[4]

It specializes in oval-shaped gourmet pizzas,[5] salads, sandwiches and beverages made from natural ingredients — along with gluten-free, vegan and lactose-free menu items.[5][6]

At its peak, in 2008, the restaurant chain had 63 locations[6] including those in California, Colorado, Connecticut, Florida, New Jersey, Ohio, as well as in Jeddah and Riyadh, Saudi Arabia.[7] Although it had projected growing to 300 stores by 2010,[3] as of 2011 the chain was down to 13 locations.[8]

Green building methods[edit]

Green construction materials and techniques used by the restaurant include a website powered by renewable energy, 100 percent post-consumer paper products, countertops remanufactured from plastic detergent bottles, wall insulation remanufactured from recycled blue jeans, 100% post-consumer drywall, non-VOC paint (volatile organic compounds), floor finishes with low VOC concrete sealant or renewable resources such as bamboo or cork, tiles from recycled glass bottles, low-flow toilets and sinks, Forest Steward Council wood, energy efficient—compact fluorescent lighting, super-efficient air conditioning and a heat exchange system that recaptures heat from the pizza ovens for the domestic hot water needs.[1]

The chain offsets 100% of the power consumption in its locations by using purchasing carbon credits and using environmentally sustainable building practices. The restaurant delivery drivers use hybrid electric vehicles.


The Pizza Fusion website won a national Webby Award for best restaurant website in 2010.[citation needed]

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