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Pizza Ranch, Inc.
Industry Restaurants
Founded Hull, Iowa, U.S. (1981)[1]
Headquarters Orange City, Iowa, U.S.
Key people
Adrie Groeneweg, co-founder[2]
Lawrence Vander Esch, co-founder[3]
Products Pizza, Chicken
Revenue US$138.121 million[4]

The Pizza Ranch, Inc., founded in 1981,[5] is a "fast casual" restaurant chain. Pizza Ranch offers pizza, chicken, a salad bar, and a pizza and chicken buffet.[6] Pizza Ranch has over 200 locations[7] in Colorado, Illinois, Iowa, Kansas, Michigan, Minnesota, Missouri, Montana, Nebraska, North Dakota, South Dakota, Wisconsin, and Wyoming. Pizza Ranch is the largest regional pizza franchise in Iowa, Minnesota, North Dakota, and South Dakota.[8]


The first restaurant opened December 21, 1981, in Hull, Iowa.[9][10] The six original house pizzas were the Roundup (deluxe), Sweet Swine (Hawaiian), Texan Taco, Bronco (meat lover's), Prairie (veggie lover's) and Sagebrush. Initially, Pizza Ranch only offered a Tuesday night buffet, while the rest of the dining hours were for take-out or dine-in orders. The second Pizza Ranch opened in Orange City in 1983,[11] where the first noon buffet was introduced. In 1987, with the addition of a Sioux City restaurant, the menu expanded to offer chicken.[citation needed]

Pizza Ranch has grown over the years and now has franchises in thirteen states. Pizza Ranch's specialties are their pizza and chicken.[12] Their headquarters, formerly located in Hull, Iowa, is currently located in Orange City, Iowa.[13][14]

Pizza Ranch is a Christian-based company.[2][8] The Pizza Ranch vision is "To glorify God by positively impacting the world we live in."[15]

The chain has become a popular stop for conservative presidential candidates during the Iowa caucuses.[16][17]


Customers have two options; ordering from the menu or (at designated times) eating from the buffet.

The menu features standard pizzeria items: Cheesy Ranch Stix, various options of pizza (including specialties like Texan Taco, Roundup, Bronco, bacon cheeseburger, buffalo chicken, chicken bacon ranch, and The Wildfire), Cactus Bread (dessert pizza) and Buffalo wings. Pizza Ranch also offers a salad bar, as well as "Crispy Ranch Chicken" (the company's own recipe for broasted chicken), several wraps, broasted potatoes, chicken fingers, waffle fries, ranch chips, and mashed potatoes and gravy (in some locations). The buffet features the above-mentioned items, and may include local specialties daily.


In March 2016, Pizza Ranch was linked to an E-Coli outbreak, stemming from their dessert offerings.[18] Subsequently, lawsuits were filed by victims and their families; one of the victims being an eight-year-old girl from Nebraska.[19]

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