Pizzo Scalino

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Pizzo Scalino
Pizzo Scalino.JPG
Pizzo Scalino
Highest point
Elevation 3,323 m (10,902 ft)
Prominence 859 m (2,818 ft) [1]
Parent peak Piz Bernina
Coordinates 46°16′44″N 9°58′25″E / 46.27889°N 9.97361°E / 46.27889; 9.97361Coordinates: 46°16′44″N 9°58′25″E / 46.27889°N 9.97361°E / 46.27889; 9.97361
Pizzo Scalino is located in Alps
Pizzo Scalino
Pizzo Scalino
Location in the Alps
Location Lombardy, Italy
Parent range Bernina Range
First ascent Summer 1830 by surveyors from Lombardy. First touristic ascent by F.F. Tuckett, F.A.Y. Brown, Chr. Almer and F. Andermatten on 22 June 1866

Pizzo Scalino is a mountain of the Bernina Range in Lombardy, Italy. It is known as the Valemalenco Matterhorn due to its pyramidal shape when viewed from the valley below. It lies close to Piz Cancian, where the border with Switzerland runs. The mountain is usually climbed from the Campo Moro Dam. From the summit, the whole of the Bernina Range is visible. It was first climbed in 1830.[2]


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