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PlaNet Finance
Type Non-governmental organization

Positive Planet was created out of the growth and transformation of PlaNet Finance, of which the initial mandate, at its creation in 1988, was to fight poverty through the development of microfinance.

Having developed its experience of financial inclusion which remains an important component of its activity, Positive Planet has also conducted projects centered on entrepreneurship, financial education, and the organization of value chains over several years.

The headquarters of Positive Planet are in Paris, France. It has developed its activities in more than 50 countries, and manages them through local satellite organizations in Africa, the Middle East, Asia, Latin America, Europe, and the USA.


Positive Planet is a state-approved Foundation created in 2010, it has expanded its social mission through widening its activities.

As of 2015, it has changed its name and has become Positive Planet*. Its main mission, henceforth, is a better world for future generations.


Access to Entrepreneurship

Access to Financial Education

Access to Water and Housing

Access to Energy

Access to Financial Services

Access to Markets

Access to Health

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The Foundation focuses its action in three strategic directions[edit]

  • Fund-raising for the implementation of innovative programs benefiting future generations, notably those developed by Positive Planet.
  • The organization of events promoting the positive economy through the Positive Economy Forum.
  • The incubation of positive economy-linked projects.

In addition, the Foundation is a shareholder of Positive Planet Social Business, which hosts the incubating structures.


Microcred a pour mission d’offrir des services financiers de qualité, accessibles et adaptés aux besoins des personnes exclues ou mal servies par le secteur financier, en particulier aux micro, petites et moyennes entreprises.

Son objectif est d’améliorer les conditions de vie de ses clients et de leurs familles, et de participer au développement économique des pays dans lesquels il est implanté .

Microcred s’attache également à mettre en oeuvre une politique de ressources humaines équitable tout en respectant l’environnement dans lequel elle opère.


responsAbility SAS[1] and[2] provide funding for microfinance institutions, while MicroCred[3] and mBank[4] focus on financing entrepreneurs. FinanCités[5] supports entrepreneurs in France’s deprived urban areas by taking equity in their businesses and by offering them personalised coaching.


PlaNet Guarantee[6] combats the vulnerability of certain populations through tailored and affordable microinsurance programmes serving the needs of low-income groups. PlaNet Guarantee is building strong partnerships with various sector players (ranging from insurers, reinsurers, banks and microfinance institutions to development agencies). It also draws on the field experience and expertise of the PlaNet Finance network.


Planet Rating[7] is an international microfinance rating agency which gives all actors involved in the sector the information they need to strengthen microfinance’s reach and impact. Its social performance and finance reports make the microfinance sector more effective by enhancing its professionalism and transparency.

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