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Place may refer to:




  • Place identity, a group of ideas concerning significance and meanings that particular places have for their inhabitants or users
  • Sense of place, a phenomenon in which people strongly identify with a particular geographical area or location
  • A person's social position
  • Place setting, a table setting for a single diner


  • Place (mathematics), an equivalence class of absolute values of an integral domain or field
  • In place-value or positional notation, the position occupied by a digit in a numeral
  • Petri net, also known as a Place/transition net, a mathematical representation of discrete distributed systems


  • A type of wager in gambling:
    • In the United Kingdom, a bet that produces a return if the selection finishes first or within a predetermined number of positions of first
    • In North America, a bet on a horse race that produces a return if a horse finishes either first or second


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