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The Sanfilippo "Place de la Musique" is a private museum, Barrington Hills, Illinois, United States, known for its collection of antique music machines—which includes phonographs, player pianos, fairground and band organs, calliopes, and a large theater pipe organ. It is located on the estate of Jasper and Marian Sanfilippo.[1] It is sometimes referred to as the Sanfilippo Collection.

Music displays[edit]

Theater organ[edit]

The Wurlitzer company built the theater organ in 1927 as their Opus 1571. It is one of the largest theater pipe organs in the world,[2] currently having about 80 ranks and approximately 5000 pipes.[3] It was originally built for the Riviera Theatre in Omaha, Nebraska. It has been restored and expanded under David Junchen, after the museum installed it in a purpose-built music room.[4] The organ uses extension to produce some tones.[citation needed]

Steam locomotive[edit]

The steam locomotive was used in Henry Ford's River Rouge complex in Dearborn, Michigan and later displayed at the Ford Museum at Greenfield Village.[5]

Physical Location[edit]

Private residence.

Sanfilippo Foundation[edit]

The Sanfilippo Foundation is an organization associated with the museum. It helps charities use the Sanfilippo Estate and its collections for fundraising efforts.[6]


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