Place du Colonel Fabien

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Place du Colonel Fabien
Arrondissement 10th, 19th
Quarter Hôpital Saint-Louis. Villette. Combat.
Completion January 16, 1789
Denomination July 7, 1945

The Place du Colonel Fabien (in English: "Colonel Fabien Square") is a square in Paris, France

Before the liberation of Paris, the square was called the Place du Combat and was renamed in honour of the French communist resistance hero, Pierre Georges, whose nom-de-guerre was Colonel Fabien.

The headquarters of the French Communist Party, designed by the Brazilian communist and utilitarian architect Oscar Niemeyer is located here, as is a station of the Paris Métro. Nearby is the former location of the medieval Gibbet of Montfaucon, a multi-tiered gibbet that was for most of its history outside Paris' city walls.

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Coordinates: 48°52′41″N 2°22′13″E / 48.87806°N 2.37028°E / 48.87806; 2.37028