Placentia Bay

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Placentia Bay is located in Newfoundland
Placentia Bay
Placentia Bay
Location of Placentia Bay in Newfoundland

Placentia Bay (French: Baie de Plaisance) is a body of water on the southeast coast of Newfoundland, Canada. It is formed by Burin Peninsula on the west and Avalon Peninsula on the east. Fishing grounds in the bay were used by native people long before the first European fishermen arrived in the 16th century. For a time, the French controlled the bay. They built their capital at Placentia on the east coast. The British gained Placentia during the Treaty of Utrecht in 1713. The town and nearby Castle Hill are national historic sites. English settlement followed in the bay and today the main communities are Burin, Marystown, and Placentia.[1]

On 14 August 1941 US Naval Station Argentia located in Little Placentia Sound was the site of the Atlantic Conference for the Atlantic Charter, where Winston Churchill and Franklin D. Roosevelt met face to face for the second time since both took office and the start of World War II.[2] They had met earlier that year at the White House over Christmas where Churchill spent 3 weeks to hammer out wartime details and lay the groundwork for Placentia Bay.


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Coordinates: 47°15′03″N 54°15′32″W / 47.25083°N 54.25889°W / 47.25083; -54.25889