Places inhabited by Rusyns

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Subethnoses of the Rusyns. Бойки = Boykos, Гуцулы = Hutsuls, Долиняне = Dolinyans, Лемки = Lemkos. Note that whole the territory of Boykos and Hutsuls is not on the map.

The contemporary administrative entities roughly corresponding the traditional territory of settlement of the Rusyns. Following areas have been included which still are or up to the World War II were inhabited by each of the Rusyn sub-ethnicities mentioned below:[1][2][3][4]





The tiny Rusyn-dominated area in Vojvodina, Serbia according to the census results of 2002 shown in brown.
Rusyn settlements in Vojvodina, 2002 census

There are Pannonian Rusyns, too, in Serbia (most notably in Vojvodina), and in Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia and Hungary.

For the Rusyn diaspora see the Wikipedia articles Rusyns and Rusyn American. Also see the article Gorals for a group of related Carpathian microethnoses.