Plaid Tongued Devils

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Plaid Tongued Devils
PTDevils YK.jpg
The Plaid Tongued Devils at Pilot's Monument, Yellowknife, NWT, Canada
Background information
Genres Alternative country, roma, klezmer, ska, rock, jazz
Years active 1990- current
Members Ty Semaka, Alan Kolodziejzyk

The Plaid Tongued Devils are a Canadian musical group. Their music combines Roma, Klezmer,[1] Ska,[2] Rock and Jazz.


The Plaid Tongued Devils began as an alternative country duet with singer Ty Semaka and guitarist Alan Kolodziejzyk in 1990.[3] The group expanded to a five piece band in 1992.

In 1998, the Devils began to develop a new style of music which they dubbed "romaklezkarock", combining Roma, Klezmer, Ska, Rock and Jazz. In 1999 they recorded the soundtrack for the musical Klezskavania, which was performed for the One Yellow Rabbit Theatre Company in Calgary.[4]

The band's 2002 album, Belladonna, featured violinist Jonathan Lewis and percussionists Chip Robb and John McNeil.[5]

The group regularly tours in Canada and the Netherlands. Some members of the group have written and recorded songs for OpenBSD CD releases.


  • Running With Scissors - 1994
  • Tongue and Groove - 1996
  • In Klezkavania - 1999 (Also a theatre event)
  • Belladonna - 2002[6]
  • Monsteroma - 2005


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