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Plan Nine Publishing
Status Defunct
Founded 1996
Founder David Allen
Country of origin United States
Publication types Books
Fiction genres Comics
Official website

Plan Nine Publishing was a small press book publisher known for publishing webcomics in printed form. The first series published, and perhaps its most famous, was Kevin and Kell.

In addition to Kevin and Kell, Plan Nine published a number of other notable comics, including:

Plan Nine also published Black Box Voting by Bev Harris, a nonfiction book discussing the issues involved in computer-based balloting.[1] They also published I Lived With My Parents and Other Tales of Terror, a collection of nonfiction and humor essays by Mary Jo Pehl, in 2004.[2]

The company was named after the Ed Wood film Plan 9 from Outer Space.[3] It was owned by David Allen, who worked publishing alongside his day job as a systems engineer at Financial Computing in Winston-Salem.[3] The company was started in 1996, and in January 2000 Allen left his job to concentrate full-time on the publishing business.[3]

98% of Plan 9's products were sold direct to customers through their website.[3] With low print runs (typically less than 2000),[3] the company were able to run with a profit with runs as low as 300.[3]

The low running costs meant that the company was able to have a 70% gross profit margin, and was able to give its artists a 20% royalty, more than 4 times the industrial average.[3]

In April 2008, the Plan Nine main page was replaced by a message stating: Plan Nine has gone on hiatus for re-tooling and transition to new owners. Please check back with us Sept 1st, 2008. Thanks for your support! That page remained until the site finally went offline in 2010.[4]


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