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Planar may refer to:

Science and technology[edit]

  • Planar (computer graphics), computer graphics pixel information from several bitplanes
  • Planar graph, graph that can be drawn in the plane so that no edges cross
  • Planar mechanism, a system of parts whose motion is constrained to a two-dimensional plane
  • Plane (geometry), the space in which two-dimensional Euclidean geometry is conducted
  • Plane curve, a one-dimensional set of points in the Euclidean or related plane
  • Zeiss Planar, photographic lens designed by Paul Rudolph at Carl Zeiss in 1896
  • Planar board, another name for motherboard, used by IBM; a planar device is computer hardware integrated into a planar
  • Planar process of transistor manufacture, which lead to the integrated circuit
  • Planar projection, the subset of 3D graphical projections constructed by linearly mapping points in 3D space to points on a 2D projection plane
  • Trigonal planar molecular geometry, a configuration of the atoms in a molecule


  • Planar Systems, U.S. digital display manufacturing corporation based in Hillsboro, Oregon

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