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Planes That Never Flew is a Discovery Channel documentary series about experimental aircraft projects that never flew. Over four one-hour episodes, the series examined the history behind aborted projects to build two jet fighters, a supersonic transport (SST), and a nuclear-powered long range bomber.


In America's First Jet Fighter, the series examines the Lockheed L-133, the first attempt by an American company to build a jet-powered fighter, begun in 1939 by Lockheed but later cancelled due to lack of interest.

In The Last Rocket Fighter, the series examined at the Saunders-Roe SR.177, a combined jet- and rocket-powered interceptor aircraft, planned by the British company Saunders-Roe, but cancelled in 1957 due to a change in strategic plans.

In The American SST, the series examined American attempts to build a supersonic airliner which began in the 1960s in response to the Anglo-French Concorde project. The furthest advanced proposal, the Boeing 2707 project, was eventually cancelled in 1971 by Congress.

In The Atomic Bomber, the series examines the WS-125, an attempt by the United States Air Force to develop a nuclear-powered strategic bomber which could fly non-stop without refuelling. It was eventually cancelled in 1961 as unfeasible.


A DVD of the series was released on 19 April 2004, the cover of which depicts illustrations of the four aircraft.[1]

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