Planet Harriers

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Planet Harriers
Planet Harriers.png
Developer(s) Amusement Vision
Publisher(s) Sega
Platform(s) Arcade
  • JP: December 2000 (nationwide)
  • NA: 2001
Genre(s) Rail shooter
Third-person shooter
Mode(s) Single player, Multiplayer
Cabinet Sit-Down twin, Stand-Up Single
Arcade system Sega Hikaru
Sound 5.1 surround
Display 29 Type color monitor

Planet Harriers (Japanese: プラネットハリアーズ Hepburn: Puranetto Hariāzu?) is a 3D rail shooter arcade video game published by Sega, developed by its Amusement Vision division, and is part of the Space Harrier series. It was produced both as a sit-down twin cabinet and a stand-up single cabinet.


The game is based around a twin cabinet, which allows for two players to play simultaneous single-player games, or a networked two-player game. The cabinet has a seated configuration. Control is through a joystick with a missile and bullet trigger, and view-change and bomb buttons on the main panel.

A player may select one of four characters; Glenn, X, Cory or Nick. Gameplay involves the character flying from an into-the-screen perspective, shooting oncoming enemies and missiles. In a two player game, the two characters may dock together in order to recover life.

Opa-Opa appears spinning above a killed player offering a continue. This character is made playable with the Easter egg of moving the player selection over X, then Nick, Cory, Glenn, Cory, Nick, Cory, Glenn, X, Cory and then Glenn again.


In September 2000, IGN described Planet Harrier, running on the Sega Hikaru arcade system board, as "the unrivaled champion of videogame graphics" and stated "there's never been as visually impressive a videogame as this", praising the long draw distance, "clean and crisp" image quality, speed of movement, large number of fast-moving objects, and "amazing" graphical style. They also praised the gameplay as "the fastest, most intense 3D shooter ever crafted". A rumored Nintendo GameCube port was planned but it wasn't released.[1]

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