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Planet Internet is a defunct Internet service provider (ISP) in the Netherlands, Germany and Belgium.

The Netherlands[edit]

Planet Internet Nederland was a brand of the Planet Media Group, a subsidiary of KPN and one of the biggest ISP of the Netherlands.

Planet Internet opened office in 1995, offering services such as Internet access and content. In 1997 the company merged with World Access, also founded in 1995, changing its name to World Access/Planet Internet. In 1999 the prefix World Access was dropped to simplify the name to just Planet Internet.

In the same year, the holding company of Planet Internet, Videotex Nederland NV, was renamed to Planet Media Group NV. In 1999 the KPN-service Het Net became part of the Planet Media Group. In 2005 Planet Media Group was incorporated into KPN Internet

The use of the brandname was suspended in 2008 and the services continued under the name KPN Internet in an effort of KPN to reduce the number of brand names.


Independent from the Dutch company, KPN also maintained a Belgian branch of Planet Internet, called Planet Internet België. In early 2003, this company was sold to Scarlet.


KPN also set up a provider service in Germany in 2000. Planet Internet Germany enjoyed little success on the German market and was discontinued as early as fall 2001.

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