Planet Single

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Planeta Singli
Planet Single poster.jpg
Directed byMitja Okorn
StarringMaciej Stuhr
Agnieszka Więdłocha
Release date
  • 5 February 2016 (2016-02-05)
Running time
136 minutes

Planet Single (Polish: Planeta singli) is a 2016 Polish comedy film directed by Mitja Okorn.[1]


Ania, a single music teacher, goes on an online date. When her date does not show up, a successful TV-host and puppeteer Tomek notices her. As he is very popular with women he believes her to be an easy game. Ania however is not impressed by his brusqueness and tells him she expects a knightly behaviour from any suitor. In the next TV-show he presents a puppet resembling Ania ridiculing her. They meet up again and strike a deal. Ania continues to go on online dates and provides Tomek with ideas for his show in exchange for a new piano for Ania's school. Tomek gets to like Ania's openness and honesty and falls in love with her. Finally a knight arrives in style.



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The sequel will be release on November 9, 2018.

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