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Zeiss-Planetarium, Jena main entrance (2017)
Historic view of the Zeiss-Planetarium in Jena
The precursor dome under construction on the roof of the Zeiss factory (ca. 1924).

The Zeiss-Planetarium in Jena, Germany is the oldest continuously operating planetarium in the world. It was opened on July 18, 1926. The Zeiss-Planetarium is a projection planetarium. The planets and fixed stars are projected onto the inner surface of a white cupola.

The Zeiss-Planetarium is owned and operated by the Ernst-Abbe-Stiftung.

It was engineered by German engineer Walther Bauersfeld.

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Coordinates: 50°55′54″N 11°35′13″E / 50.93167°N 11.58694°E / 50.93167; 11.58694