Planetary Brigade

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Planetary Brigade
The Planetary Brigade, artist Matt Haley
Publication information
Publisher Boom! Studios
Format Limited series
Publication date 2006
Main character(s) Captain Valor
Earth Goddess
Grim Knight
Mauve Visitor
Mister Brilliant
Purring Pussycat
Third Eye
Creative team
Creator(s) Keith Giffen (writer)
J.M. DeMatteis (writer)
Joe Abraham (artist)

Planetary Brigade is a comic book series published by Boom! Studios. It was created by Keith Giffen, J.M. DeMatteis and Joe Abraham. Originally a two issue mini-series, Planetary Brigade is a sister book to Hero Squared, and shares some of the same characters.



  • In issue #1 we travel back to a time before the events of Hero Squared #1 and are introduced to "the most amazing collection of heroes ever assembled", the Planetary Brigade. As the story begins we discover a serious threat from another universe is about to emerge, and several members of the Brigade are already on the scene.
  • In issue #2 the heroine known as Third Eye senses a magical disturbance, and her Planetary Brigade teammates Mr. Brilliant and the Purring Pussycat manage to set aside their verbal jousting for a short time to stumble upon the source of the trouble. A man who is being used as a portal so that extra-dimensional demons can enter "our" universe from an infernal realm. As the team gathers to fight the hordes, the Third Eye faces the difficult task of the closing the portal.

Member Profiles[edit]

  • Captain Valor - Real name Milo Stone. The moral compass of the group, stuck pointing to the 1960s. Valor has old-fashioned superhero ideals.
  • Earth Goddess - Six foot eight inches tall she’s like Storm and Wonder Woman slapped together, literally: from the waist up, her right side is black, and her left is white. Lisa was chosen to be the human vessel for the conscience of Gaia, the earth mother. Earth Goddess is a fierce warrior in battle, using her superstrenth, flight and orb.
  • Grim Knight - Stephen wields the enchanted Excalibur sword and rides his enchanted horse, Guinevere. The team’s pessimist, sadist and token sociopath.
  • Mauve Visitor - A member of the alien Prissuvian race, his vessel was shot down by the US military four years ago, and he has since been living off their budget, pretending to do superhero work. He has a crush on Mr Brilliant.
  • Mister Brilliant - Cybernetically augmented senses, a genius intellect, and an “Ultichair” with enough firepower to take down several small nations. Mr Brilliant lives in a comic shop and publishes his adventures in his own comic book.
  • Purring Pussycat - She’s in the hero business for the money, the fame and the sex. She lives off Mister Brilliant, exploiting his geekboy crush on her. Feral powers.
  • Third Eye - A powerful mystic and teleporter. She can transport her consciousness onto another hero, but it leaves her body unconscious and vulnerable. She has a habit of materializing in a room without even a warning puff of smoke. Third Eye was kidnapped as a baby and raised by demons. She is the realist of the group, the one who knows what must be done and is prepared to take on the burden of that responsibility.