Planetary Confinement

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Planetary Confinement
Antimatter confine.jpg
Studio album by Antimatter
Released 2005
Recorded Studio 33, Liverpool, July 2004
Provisional Ireland, Neuilly France late 2004
Genre Acoustic rock, dark rock
Label Prophecy Productions
Producer Mick Moss, Duncan Patterson, Ronnie O'Keefe, Alex Mazarguil
Antimatter chronology
Lights Out
(2003)String Module Error: Match not found2003
Planetary Confinement
Leaving Eden
(2007)String Module Error: Match not found2007
Professional ratings
Review scores
Source Rating
Allmusic 3.5/5 stars[1]

Planetary Confinement is the third album by the UK band Antimatter, released in 2005.

Track listing[edit]

No. Title Length
1. "Planetary Confinement" (D.Patterson) 1:33
2. "The Weight of the World" (M.Moss) 4:45
3. "Line of Fire" (D.Patterson) 6:28
4. "Epitaph" (M.Moss) 4:11
5. "Mr. White" (Trouble) 4:07
6. "A Portrait of the Young Man as an Artist" (M.Moss) 4:54
7. "Relapse" (D.Patterson) 5:03
8. "Legions" (M.Moss) 7:24
9. "Eternity Part 24" (D.Patterson) 8:45


English Sessions

  • The Weight of the World
  • Epitaph
  • A Portrait of the Young Man As An Artist
  • Legions

An acoustic performance recorded in Studio 33, Liverpool, July 2004. All songs and orchestral arrangements by Mick Moss

  • Mick Moss - Acoustic guitars, Vocals
  • Rachel Brewster - Violins
  • Stephen Hughes - Bass Guitar
  • Chris Phillips - Drums
  • Sue Marshall - Additional vocals on 'Legions'

Irish Sessions

  • Planetary Confinement
  • Line of Fire
  • Mr. White
  • Relapse
  • Eternity part 24

All songs by Duncan Patterson, except 'Mr. White' by Trouble

  • Duncan Patterson - piano, acoustic guitars, bass guitar, keyboards
  • Amélie Festa - vocals
  • Mehdi Messouci - additional keyboards on 'Relapse'
  • Barry Whyte - lead guitar
  • Alex Mazarguil - djembe
  • Michael Cronin - drums
  • Album mastered at Counterpoint Studio by Gianni Skolnick
  • Cover design by Mick Moss from an original photograph by Brandon Stone
  • Inner photos by Chris Slack
  • Design by Mick Moss
  • Layout by Paul Kuhr


  • "Mr White" was originally performed by the doom metal band Trouble.
  • "Eternity Part 24" is a continuation of the tracks "Eternity Part I", "Eternity Part II", and "Eternity Part III", the three of which appear on Eternity, an album released by Patterson's previous band Anathema.