Planetary Defence Force

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In the fictional universe of Warhammer 40,000, each planet has a corps of troops known also known as the Planetary Defence Force.


Every populated world in the Imperium is required to possess its own government military forces for the planet's own defense. Individual Planetary Defence Forces vary widely from planet to planet, even more so than Imperial Guard regiments, because they adhere far more to the culture and traditions of their homeworld.

The effectiveness of individual PDF forces is limited by their own planet's ability to equip and train them, meaning they are often inferior to Imperial Guard regiments. Some PDFs have equal if not better armed and trained forces to the Imperial Guard; the Vostroyans are an excellent example: their homeworld's many forges and manufactoria provide the Vostroyan army with a steady supply of tanks and ammunition, each firstborn male of Vostroya is required to serve in the military, and every other Vostroyan is required to dedicate one tenth of their day to tending to their arms and armour. Thus each soldier is armed with a well calibrated lasgun and finely crafted carapace armour.


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