Planica, Planica

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"Planica, Planica"
Prenovljena letalnica bratov Gorišek, marec 2015.jpg
Song by Ansambel bratov Avsenik
from the album
Frochloche stunden mit music/Vesele urice
Released 15 March 1979
(5th Ski Flying World Championships)
Format 12"
Genre folk, polka
Length 2:45
Songwriter(s) Slavko Avsenik (music)
Marjan Stare (lyrics)
Vilko Ovsenik (arr.)
Music video
Planica, Planica on YouTube

"Planica, Planica" is a 1979 Slovenian polka song performed by Ansambel bratov Avsenik (Slavko Avsenik Und Seine Original Oberkrainer). This song was Slavko Avsenik's tribute to Planica.[1]

About the song[edit]

Music was written by Slavko Avsenik, lyrics written by Marjan Stare and arranged by Slavko's brother Vilko Ovsenik. Original voice was contributed by three vocals in the band at that time: Ema Prodnik, Jožica Svete and Alfi Nipič. Song world premiered at opening of 5th FIS Ski Flying World Championships on 15 March 1979 when band performed in the rain on the stage under RTV dom next to famous flying hill Letalnica bratov Gorišek.[2] The main chorus »Planica, Planica, snežena kraljica« (Planica, Planica, snow queen) is played every time someone jumps further than 220 meters. In 1979 it was first time released on »Frochloche stunden mit music« in Germany. A year later song was first released in Slovenia on »Vesele urice«.

Tribute to Planica[edit]

From 1946-1952 Slavko Avsenik was a national team ski jumper. But then he injured and became a musician. In 1948 he set his personal record of 74 m (243 ft) in Planica at Srednja Bloudkova (K80). Slavko was always big fan of ski jumping and especially of Planica to whom he was very emotionally attached. That's why he decided to write this song as a tribute to Planica. He was even funding renovations of Planica in the past.


  • Slavko Avsenik - music, accordion
  • Marjan Stare - lyrics
  • Vilko Ovsenik - arrangement
  • Lev Ponikvar - guitar
  • Franc Košir - trumpet
  • Mik Soss - baritone horn
  • Albin Rudan - clarinet
  • Alfi Nipič - vocal
  • Ema Prodnik - vocal
  • Jožica Svete - vocal


The following provides the original Slovene text of »Planica, Planica« by Marjan Stare and its literal translation in English.[3]

Planica, Planica Planica, Planica
snežena kraljica! queen made of the snow!
Planica, Planica Planica, Planica
snežena kraljica! queen made of the snow!
Le kdo je ne pozna Who doesn't know this hill
lepoto iz snega? the beauty from the snow?
Skakalci kot ptice Ski jumpers as birds are
letijo pod nebo fly high under the sky
in slavo Planice and fame of Planica
v širni svet neso around the world is known
Pozdrav neustrašnim junakom daljav, To flying heroes one fearless hello,
prijateljev strmih snežnih planjav! all the friends of the steep snowy slopes!
Slava, čast velja Fame and honour goes
vsem skakalcem tega sveta! to all the ski jumpers of this world!
Junaki Planice Heroes of Planica
letijo kot ptice, are flying like birds fly,
spet slava gre v svet fame goes around the world
za dolgo vrsto let! for many years in row!
Planica, Planica, Planica, Planica,
še pridemo nazaj, we'll soon return again,
v Planico, Planico, in Planica, in Planica,
pod Ponce v zimski raj! under Ponce winter paradise!


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