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Victor J. Daniel Electric Generating Plant
Plant Daniel is located in Mississippi
Plant Daniel
Location of Plant Daniel
CountryUnited States
LocationJackson County, near Escatawpa, Mississippi
Coordinates30°31′48″N 88°33′22″W / 30.53000°N 88.55611°W / 30.53000; -88.55611Coordinates: 30°31′48″N 88°33′22″W / 30.53000°N 88.55611°W / 30.53000; -88.55611
Commission dateUnit 1 (coal): Sept. 1977
Unit 2 (coal): June, 1981
Units 3, 4 (gas): Apr/May, 2001[1]
Owner(s)Mississippi Power,
Gulf Power
Thermal power station
Primary fuelbituminous coal, natural gas
TypeSteam turbine
Combined cycle?Units 3, 4
Cooling sourceartificial lake
Power generation
Nameplate capacity2.09 GWe
(1.07 GWe from coal)

The Victor J. Daniel Electric Generating Plant is a major 2-gigawatt, four-unit fossil fuel power plant, generating about 1 GWe from two coal-fired subcritical drum-type units and 1 GWe from its two newer, gas-fired combined-cycle units. Plant Daniel is located in Jackson County, near Escatawpa, Mississippi.[2] Named for Victor J. Daniel, Jr., Mississippi Power's fourth president, the plant was designated by Southern Company Services, Inc. Jointly owned by Southern Company subsidiaries Mississippi Power and Gulf Power, it is the largest generator of electric power in the state of Mississippi.[3]


Construction of Daniel 1 and 2, two coal-fired sub-critical drum type units began in April 1973. Twenty-six years later in May 1999, plant capacity was doubled with the addition of two gas-fired combined cycle units, designated Daniel 3 and 4.

The first 500 MW coal-fired, steam electric generating unit, Daniel 1, began commercial operation on Sept. 6, 1977. The second 500 MW coal-fired, steam electric generating unit, Daniel 2, began commercial operation on June 1, 1981.[1]

Daniel 3 and 4 began commercial operation between April and May 2001.[1]


Mississippi Power and Gulf Power of Pensacola, Florida jointly own and share operating costs of the Daniel 1 and 2 units.[2] Gulf Power is an operating affiliate of Southern Company and a sister company of Mississippi Power.

Daniel 3 and 4 are gas-fired combined cycle units. Each unit produces 500 MW of electricity, bringing the plant’s total capacity to more than 2000 MW. Daniel 3 and 4 are solely operated and maintained by Mississippi Power.

Carbon sequestration demonstration[edit]

The facility is the site of a United States Department of Energy-sponsored carbon dioxide sequestration demonstration project intended to demonstrate CO2 storage in a deep saline aquifer, the Lower Tuscaloosa Formation. The project began in 2008, and more than 3,000 short tons (2,700 t) of CO2 were injected in October of that year.[4]


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