The 4th Floor (2003 film)

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For the English film, see The 4th Floor (1999 film).
Planta 4a
Planta 4a.jpg
Theatrical release poster
Directed by Antonio Mercero
Starring Juan José Ballesta
Alejandro Zafra
Gorka Moreno
Luis Ángel Priego
Monti Castiñeiras
Country Spain
Language Spanish

Planta 4ª (English: The 4th Floor) is a 2003 Spanish film directed by Antonio Mercero and starring Juan José Ballesta, Alejandro Zafra, Gorka Moreno, Luis Ángel Priego, and Monti Castiñeiras. It was nominated for Best Picture in the 2004 Goya Awards.


A group of seriously ill boys live on the fourth floor of a hospital. The floor is their home and the other patients their family. Miguel Ángel (Ballesta) is the leader of the group, recently arrived Jorge (Zafra) is fearfully awaiting his test results and Dani (Moreno) is experiencing his first love affair.


  • Juan José Ballesta as Miguel Ángel
  • Alejandro Zafra as Jorge
  • Gorka Moreno as Dani
  • Luis Ángel Priego
  • Monti Castiñeiras

Awards and nominations[edit]


Montréal Film Festival

  • Best Director (Antonio Mercero)


Goya Awards

Spanish Actors Union

  • Best Performance in a Minor Role – Male (Miguel Foronda)

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