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Planta is a brand of margarine produced by Unilever for Belgium, France, Malaysia and Portugal. It is made from vegetable oil: rapeseed, maize and sunflower.[1]


Planta was the first margarine to be imported into Malaysia in 1930.[2] With an estimated market share of over 50% within Malaysia,[3] it is now a widely used ingredient in a variety of local and Malaysian style cuisines such as Chicken Rice, Roti Canai (or roti planta),[2] roadside burgers, local coffee and a large selection of cakes, pastries and desserts.

In August 1960, tens of thousands got sick and two people from the Netherlands died eating Planta-brand margarine, with the cause directed at the use of a new additive.[4][5]

It was re-branded as Brio and later as Bertolli. The name Planta was kept in other markets.

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