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Plantasia, Parc Tawe - - 372376.jpg
Date opened 1990 [1]
Location Swansea, Wales
Coordinates 51°37′18.00″N 3°56′19.00″W / 51.6216667°N 3.9386111°W / 51.6216667; -3.9386111Coordinates: 51°37′18.00″N 3°56′19.00″W / 51.6216667°N 3.9386111°W / 51.6216667; -3.9386111

Plantasia is a large public hothouse, located in the Parc Tawe retail park, Swansea, Wales that opened in 1990.


Bearded dragons at Plantasia

Plantasia exhibits a wide range of tropical plants, and insects, reptiles, and fish.

The glasshouse contains two climate zones: Tropical with a rainforest, and Arid. The collection includes over 5,000 plants, many of which are extinct from their natural habitat. Plant types include bananas, coconuts, giant bamboo, paw paw and collections of ferns and cacti.[2]

Along with the plants, there is supporting life including crested geckos, tarantulas, red-bellied piranha, koi carp, green-winged macaws, parakeets, lorikeets, chameleons, bearded dragons and a Burmese python. Additionally, Plantasia houses critically endangered cotton-top tamarins and critically endangered Kleinmann's tortoise.[3]

In 2011 Plantasia added the Rainforest Hut to its exhibits. The hut was built using the same basic principles used by forest tribes, and with forest materials such as bamboo, palm leaves, and clay, and shows how rainforest tribes live in harmony with nature.[4]

Filming location[edit]

Plantasia was used as a filming location for the Doctor Who episodes "The Doctor's Daughter" (on 21 December 2007) and "Cold Blood" (on 13 November 2009).[1]


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