Planter's punch

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Planter's punch
IBA official cocktail
Planters Punch 2.jpg
Planter's punch
TypeMixed drink
Base spirit
ServedOn the rocks: poured over ice
Standard garnishorange zest
Standard drinkware
Highball Glass (Tumbler).svg
Highball glass
IBA specified
PreparationPour all ingredients into a tumbler glass.
NotesThe cocktail may be diluted up to taste by water, ice or fresh juices.
dagger Planter's punch recipe at International Bartenders Association

Planter's punch is an IBA Official Cocktail made of Jamaican rum, fresh lime juice, and sugar cane juice.[1]

The cocktail has been said to have originated at the Planters Hotel in Charleston, South Carolina, but actually originated in Jamaica.[2] The September 1878 issue of the London magazine Fun listed the recipe as follows:

A wine-glass with lemon juice fill,
Of sugar the same glass fill twice
Then rub them together until
The mixture looks smooth, soft, and nice.

Of rum then three wine glasses add,
And four of cold water please take. A
Drink then you'll have that's not bad—
At least, so they say in Jamaica.[3]


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