Plasma (comics)

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Publication information
Publisher Marvel Comics
First appearance Marvel Comics Presents #24 (Jul 1989)
Created by Howard Mackie and Rich Buckler
In-story information
Alter ego Leila O'Toole
Species Mutant
Notable aliases Tracker

Plasma is a fictional character in the Marvel Universe.

Fictional character biography[edit]

Leila O'Toole was born in Dublin, Ireland. As a college student, Leila travels to Egypt to explore the ruins in the Nile Valley. There, she encounters the Cult of the Living Pharaoh, was intrigued by the cult and joins.

She is initially repulsed by the cult's habit of human sacrifice and flees. She is brought back and falls under their spell.

She learns that the Living Pharaoh has a link to Havok. She meets him outside the cult and acting innocent, over the weeks, Havok eventually falls in love with her.[volume & issue needed]

They end up back at the cult's headquarters, via trickery on Leila's part, and in multiple incidents, Havok is forced to fight Leila, who is in disguise. Each blast of his cosmic energy only serves to strengthen her. Even Wolverine is of no use, as he is quickly knocked out by a blast. In the end, Havok stops her with a simple punch to the face and leaves.[volume & issue needed]

Leila decides to recruit cults into one massive army, and starts with the forces of Khonshu, the god which Moon Knight worships.

Leila's forces stage a two-pronged attack on New York. The attack at the Statue of Liberty is foiled, but the one at Grand Central Station proceeds apace. A well-placed plasma blast traps many innocent victims inside. Mr. Parnell, one of the attendees of a homeless benefit held at the Station, is slain by Plasma.

Moon Knight and Ghost Rider attack Plasma. Plasma vaporizes Ghost Rider, who later reforms. In the meantime, Moon Knight takes the fight to a speeding subway train. Plasma meets her end when the train crashes at a high rate of speed.[volume & issue needed]


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