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Plasma Records Entertainment Pvt. Ltd.
IndustryMusic, Entertainment and Clothing
FoundedJalandhar, (2002)
FounderKamal Heer
Manmohan Waris
HeadquartersJalandhar, India
Santa Monica, California,
28 Gujarat Complex,Joyti Chowk, Jalandhar, India, 144001
Area served
Key people
Manmohan Waris
Kamal Heer
Deepak Bali
ProductsMusic Albums, Live Albums, Music DVDs, Shirts
DivisionsPlasma Merchandise

Plasma Records Entertainment Pvt. Ltd. (Plasma Records) is a global music label. It was formed in 2000 by Manmohan Waris, Kamal Heer and Sangtar.[1]


Plasma Records is the record label for Grind Music & Sound Inc., a digital audio and post-production facility. Grind Music & Sound was opened in 2001 by Sangtar and Michelle Garuik. In 2002 Plasma Records was formed and set up an operation center in Jalandhar, Punjab, India. Manmohan Waris said the reason for Plasma Records was "Many of the top guys in record companies themselves don't have the idea of the pulse of Punjabi music but we are expected to alter stuff and work according to their notions. Now we can do our own stuff without interference."[2] The majority of music and associated materials released by Plasma Records is recorded fully or partially in the Grind Music & Sound studios.[3] Plasma Records first release, Kamli by Kamal Heer, released in 2000. Since the formation of Plasma Records, Kamal Heer, Manmohan Waris and Sangtar released the majority of their music on Plasma Records. Plasma Records has also produced hits in recent years such as: Punjabi Virsa 2004-Wonderland Live, Nachiye Majajne, Punjabi Virsa 2005-London Live, Masti Three, Punjabi Virsa 2006-Toronto Live, Tasveer-Live, Chan Jiha Gabhru, Punjabi Reloaded, Kankaa, Punjabi Virsa Vancouver Live and Jinday Ni Jinday.[4] Plasma Records has become a well known record company that releases hit albums. Plasma Records most recent releases are Jinday Ni Jinday by Kamal Heer and Dil Te Na Laeen by Manmohan Waris. Plasma Records also organizes the "Punjabi Virsa" tours every year with Kamal Heer, Manmohan Waris and Sangtar. Punjabi Virsa 2010 will be a tour of the UK, US and Canada from June–September 2010. Deepak Bali is the Plasma Records spokesperson and managing director.


Plasma Records also sells shirts.[5] They feature designs with Kamal Heer, Manmohan Waris on them and more. They make clothing for men,[6] women,[7] and children.[8] Along with the shirts Plasma Records also sell accessories such as bags, mousepads, buttons, satchels and more.[9] The Plasma records clothing website is


Albums released By Plasma Records[edit]


Release Date Album Artist(s)
January 2000 Kamli Kamal Heer
2002 Dil Di Chori Resham Sooner
December 2002 Masti-Kanthay Vala Kamal Heer
March 2003 Ghar Hoon Kithni Ky Doore Manmohan Waris
2003 Prem Lago Har Teer Ashupreet Kaur
August 2003 Shaunki Mela 2003-Surrey Live Kamal Heer, Sangtar, Gurpreet Ghuggi & Manmohan Waris[11]
November 2003 Masti 2 Kamal Heer
January 2004 Bhotu Shah Ji Vihle Ne Bhotu Shah and Kake Shah
February 2004 Nachiye Majajne Manmohan Waris
October 2004 Punjabi Virsa 2004-Wonderland Live Kamal Heer, Sangtar and Manmohan Waris
March 2005 Bhotu Shah Ji Fadde Gaye Bhotu Shah and Kake Shah
November 2005 Punjabi Virsa 2005-London Live Kamal Heer, Sangtar and Manmohan Waris
March 2006 Masti Three Kamal Heer
April 2006 Tasveer Manmohan Waris
December 2006 Punjabi Virsa 2006-Toronto Live Kamal Heer, Sangtar and Manmohan Waris
January 2007 Kankaa Aman Riar
September 2007 Dil Nachda Manmohan Waris
December 2007 Chan Jiha Gabhru Kamal Heer
June 2008 Moti Chun Ke Kamal Heer
September 2008 Punjabi Reloaded Kamal Heer and Manmohan Waris
September 2008 Laare Giniye Manmohan Waris
December 2008 Surma Resham Sooner
February 2009 Punjabi Virsa 2008 Vancouver Live Kamal Heer, Sangtar and Manmohan Waris
November 2009 Jinday Ni Jinday Kamal Heer[12]
January 2010 Dil Te Na Laeen
February 2012 Punjabi Virsa 2011MelbourneLive

Manmohan Waris[13]



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