Plasmodium gallinaceum

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Plasmodium gallinaceum
Scientific classification
Kingdom: Protista
Phylum: Apicomplexa
Class: Aconoidasida
Order: Haemosporida
Family: Plasmodiidae
Genus: Plasmodium
Species: P. gallinaceum
Binomial name
Plasmodium gallinaceum
Brumpt, 1935

Plasmodium gallinaceum is a species of the genus Plasmodium (subgenus Haemamoeba) that causes malaria in poultry.[1]


This species was described by Alexandre Joseph Emile Brumpt (1877–1951) a French professor of parasitology during a trip to Ceylon (now Sri Lanka).

Geographic range[edit]

Clinical features and host pathology[edit]


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Further reading[edit]

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