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Compagnie Plastic Omnium SA
Société anonyme
Traded as EuronextPOM
Industry Automobile
Founded 1946 (1946)
Founder Pierre Burelle
Headquarters Levallois, France[1]
Area served
Key people
Laurent Burelle
(Chairman and CEO)
Revenue €5.3 billion (2014)
€272.1 million (2011)[2]
Profit €194.0 million (2011)[2]
Total assets €1.68 billion (2011)[2]
Total equity €1.60 billion (2011)[2]
Number of employees
Parent Burelle

Plastic Omnium is an international company specialised in the manufacturing and commercialisation of plastics.[1][4]


Plastic Omnium was founded by Pierre Burelle in 1946. It began making plastic steering columns for Renault, but soon extended its supply contracts to other carmakers in France and abroad.[5] In 1995, it made a tender offer for its most important rival in the French industry, Reydel, and then acquired it from its major stakeholder Compagnie Financière de Turenne.[6][7] Today Plastic Omnium has 120 plants and is present in more than 30 countries.[3]


Plastic Omnium Automobile[edit]

Two automotive divisions, Auto Exterior Division and Auto Inergy Division (previously: Inergy Automotive Systems). The first provides external plastic elements (thermoplastic and composite) for cars, like bumpers and energy absorption systems, fender and front-end modules. The second provides plastic fuel tank systems and SCR tank systems. [1][4] In 2011, Inergy purchased the Ford Motor Company's fuel tank manufacturer in United States, Visteon, and became its sixth largest world provider.[8] Plastic Omnium a supplier to the automotive industry.[9] The company has plans to introduce more composite materials to reduce the weight of their pieces and gain market advantage.[10]

Plastic Omnium Environnement[edit]

This centers on waste containerization, urban and road signage and urban planning. Its products include wheeled bins; underground, semi-underground, and aboveground containers; voluntary waste drop-off receptacles and data management systems; equipment for community-use area; urban signage solutions ; and road signage solutions, as well as sorted waste services. Plastic Omnium Systemes Urbains[1][4] in 2012 won its first major contract for its line of sustainable products, when Rio de Janeiro requested the provision of wheeled rubbish bins made with plant-based polyethylene derived from sugar cane.[11]

Company's share structure[edit]

According to Plastic Omnium, at the end of 2011 55.1 percent of it was owned by the parent company, Burelle, 1.6 by the employees, 8.7 was Treasury stock and a 34.6 was for public trade.[12]


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