Plastique Valentine

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Plastique Valentine
Humpers 97.jpg
Studio album by Humpers
Released February 11, 1997
Recorded 1996/1997
Genre Punk
Label Epitaph Records
Humpers chronology
Live Forever Or Die Trying (1996) Plastique Valentine Euphoria, Confusion, Anger, Remorse (1998)

Plastique Valentine is an album by the punk rock band the Humpers.

Track listing[edit]

  1. "Plastique Valentine"
  2. "For Lovers Only"
  3. "Anemia"
  4. "Mutate with Me"
  5. "Fable of Luv"
  6. "Make Up"
  7. "Sick of Tomorrow Today"
  8. "Here Comes Nothing"
  9. "With a Whip"
  10. "Dummy Got a Hunch"
  11. "Chump Change"
  12. "Say Goodbye"
  13. "Mongrel Train"