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Plat'Home Co., Ltd.
Corporation, TYO: 6836
Industry Server
Computer-related products
Founded Tokyo, 1993
Headquarters Tokyo, Japan
Key people
Tomoyasu Suzuki, President
Products Private brand servers, storage solutions, MicroServer (palm-sized Linux servers), appliance servers, PacketiX VPN (resale), KANSHI monitoring software, PShare computer switch
Number of employees
49 (2007)
Subsidiaries Plat'Home USA

Plat'Home Co., Ltd. is an IT company located in Akihabara, Tokyo, Japan. Its main businesses are private brand servers, storage solutions, appliance servers, MicroServers (palm-sized Linux servers) and related products and software. It is also a leader in open source computing in Japan, and has been a reseller of FreeBSD and Linux distributions as well as developing its own Linux distribution SSD/Linux (specialized for use with the Plat'Home MicroServers).

The company started in 1993 as a reseller for computer hardware as well as Linux and FreeBSD distributions, and later BeOS. To broaden the scope beyond just bringing foreign technology to Japan, Plat'Home introduced the first server line under its own brand in 1996 and has since specialized in appliance servers and storage solutions. In 2000, Plat'Home delved into a new market by introducing the OpenBlockS, the first model of its palm-sized high-durability MicroServer line.

In the same year the company went public at the Tokyo Stock Exchange Mothers market.

In 2005 the Plat'Home head office moved into Akihabara Daibiru, the new beacon of the Tokyo Akihabara district. With the move, Plat'Home became a part of Akihabara Crossfield, an initiative for academic-industrial partnership. As the first fruit of the cooperation, Plat'Home has become "First Partner" for SoftEther, developer of the VPN software PacketiX VPN.

In 2007 Plat'Home opened its first foreign subsidiary in San Jose, USA, to market its MicroServer product line overseas.


Plat'Home Co., Ltd. Company History
March Plat'Home Co., Ltd. founded.
December Store opened, start of sales of imported Linux and FreeBSD distributions.
May Internet cafe "Partners Plaza" opened.
September Sales start for self-developed "Plat'Home Factory Server" brand server line.
July Sales start of first self-developed console switch (PS-104F, CE-101).
November Reseller contract with Be Inc. concluded, sales start of BeOS in Japan.
November Open Source Matsuri organized in Akihabara to promote exchange within the Open Source Community.
July IPO. Listed on the Mothers market of the Tokyo Stock Exchange.
  Sales start of the "OpenBlockS" MicroServer series.
December Start of SuSE Linux for IBM Servers sales and service.
December Sales start of "Works RAID" storage server under own brand.
January Sales start of "PShareEX" computer switch.
February Sales start of "Mini Keyboard" compact keyboard with wheel.
September Sales start of "KANSHI BlockS" network monitoring server.
October Sales start of the "RoseHA" high availability clustering software.
May Head office moved to Akihabara Daibiru.
November Sales start of next-generation microserver "OpenMicroServer"
  "First partner" contract signed with SoftEther Corp., sales start of PacketiX VPN 2.0 software.
March "Proprius21" model academic-industry cooperation contract signed with University of Tokyo.
  Sales start of "PacketiX BOX" Layer 2 VPN appliance server.
April Sales start of "Google Mini" entry model search appliance server.
January Renewal opening of "Plat'Online" E-commerce site.
April Plat'Home USA daughter founded in San Jose, California.

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