PlatEAU (band)

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Origin Vancouver, BC
Genres IDM
Years active 1996–2003, 2006-
Labels Subconscious Communications
Flesh Eating Ants Records
Members cEvin Key
Phil Western
Past members Anthony Valcic

PlatEAU is an electronic music project featuring cEvin Key and Phil Western. The project resembles a very loose approach to the Download project featuring the same members. The song names and album titles refer to the coffeeshop culture of Amsterdam in The Netherlands implying a "trip" through their musical voyages. The album art also reflects this concept with imagery on their first release on Hypnotic Records in 1997, Music for Grass Bars. This release had a special CD jewel case in order to create a holographic-motion effect with the cover art insert. The genre is most closely related to IDM, experimental, techno and trip hop.


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