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PlateCulture is a sharing economy platform that enables guests to dine at a local host's home. The site was founded by Lithuanian entrepreneurs Reda Stare and Edvinas Bartkus. It launched in 2013 with a focus on tourists and locals in Southeast Asia.[1][2][3][4]

It currently offers two mobile apps for Android[5] and iPhone[6] users as well as web-based platform.

PlateCulture allows hosts to list their kitchens through the site and guests to make bookings to dine at a host's home restaurant. Both parties leave a review about their experience.[7] In November 2015, the BBC noted the platform's positive impact on language learning opportunities between locals and travellers.[8]

In September 2015, VICE journalist Lauren Razavi described PlateCulture as "an Asian startup that's essentially the Airbnb of food" in a feature story profiling a Persian chef who runs a home restaurant in Kuala Lumpur through the platform.[9]

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