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Plateia or Platia (πλατεία) is the Greek word for town square. Most Greek and Cypriot cities have several town squares which are a point of reference in travelling and guiding. In traditional societies like villages and provincial communities, plateies are the central places for feasts, celebrations, events and meetings.

Ancient Greek Cities[edit]

The original ancient Greek word (plural plateiai) meant one of the (usually 3) main streets in an ancient Greek city such as Naples.[1] The stenopoi, narrower, mainly north-south, streets were placed between the plateia in the orthogonal town plan to form rectangular blocks for buildings.

Notable squares (plateies) in Greece[edit]

Kotzia Square, Athens
Omonia Square, Athens
Syntagma Square, Athens
Aristotelous Square, Thessaloniki
Navarinou Square, Thessaloniki
Georgiou I Square, Patras
Lions Square, Heraklion
Spianada Square, Corfu

In Cyprus[edit]

Faneromeni Square, Nicosia

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