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A Cuban dinner: Arroz Moros with maduros on the left, and ropa vieja on the right

Platillo Moros y Cristianos (or simply moros, moro, congri, or arroz moro) is a famous Cuban dish served at virtually every Cuban restaurant. It is the Cuban version of rice and beans, a dish found throughout the Caribbean, the US Southern States, and in Brazil.


Moros y cristianos means “Moors and Christians”. "Moors" refers to the black beans, and "Christians" to the rice. The name of the dish is likely a reference by early Spanish settlers to the Islamic Conquest of Spain (early 8th century) and subsequent Reconquista (15th century) which both had a profound effect on the Spanish culture and language.


First the moros are boiled in water. Next the rice is cooked in another pot with some of the water from the beans. Onions, garlic, bell pepper, oregano and bay (laurel) leaf are commonly cooked as a sofrito beforehand and added to the dish to give additional flavor.

Traditionally, Moros y Cristianos have been differentiated from congrí by being prepared separately to represent white rice as the Christians, and the black beans as the Moors. Each is cooked and served separately and only joined when you are ready to eat.[1] Congrí is an African influence where both rice and beans are cooked together.


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