Platinum (TV series)

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No. of seasons 1
No. of episodes 6
Running time 60 mins.
Production company(s) American Zoetrope
The Greenblatt/Janollari Studio
Eye Productions
Original network UPN
Original release April 14 – May 13, 2003

Platinum is an American television series which aired on UPN in 2003. Written by John Ridley and Sofia Coppola, the series is a family saga that follows two brothers who own and operate a record company.


Brothers and record industry moguls Jackson and Grady Rhames are the archetype of rags-to-riches success after building their company, Platinum Records, from the ground up. Clawing their way up from the streets, the brothers have created a successful record company in the high-stakes hip-hop music business. Though they are deeply trusting of and dependent upon one another, the brothers approach business in starkly contrasting fashions.

Set in New York City against the backdrop of the glamorous hip-hop lifestyle, the series portrays a cutthroat and sometimes dangerous business notorious for its flashy stars with money to burn and ruthless record executives who stop at nothing to make it big. Standing by the brothers' side is their childhood friend and chief counsel David Weitz, their younger sister Jade Rhames and Jackson's wife Monica Rhames.


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