Platinum Dunes

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Platinum Dunes
Production company
Industry Motion picture
Founded November 2001
Headquarters Los Angeles, California, United States
Key people
Michael Bay
Brad Fuller
Andrew Form

Platinum Dunes is an American production company created in November 2001 by filmmakers Michael Bay, Brad Fuller,[1] and Andrew Form.[2] The company specializes in horror films, particularly remakes.

On October 7, 2009 Paramount Pictures announced a first-look deal with Platinum Dunes. They plan to branch out of the horror genre into action and thrillers with this new deal. On May 27, 2010, it was announced they will work on the reboot to the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles film series of the same name.[3] In 2014, Platinum Dunes was named The Hollywood Reporter's Producers of the Year. In 2015, the company was also named to The Hollywood Reporter's 30 Most Powerful Film Producers in Hollywood.


Year Film Director Distributor(s) Budget Gross (worldwide) Rotten Tomatoes
2003 The Texas Chainsaw Massacre Marcus Nispel New Line Cinema $9,500,000 $107,071,655 36%
2005 The Amityville Horror Andrew Douglas Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer
Dimension Films
$19,000,000 $108,047,131 23%
2006 The Texas Chainsaw Massacre: The Beginning Jonathan Liebesman New Line Cinema $16,000,000 $51,764,406 12%
2007 The Hitcher Dave Meyers Rogue Pictures N/A $25,399,945 21%
2009 The Unborn David S. Goyer Rogue Pictures
Universal Pictures
$16,000,000 $76,514,050 10%
Friday the 13th Marcus Nispel New Line Cinema (US)
Paramount Pictures (International)
$19,000,000 $91,379,051 25%
Horsemen Jonas Åkerlund Lionsgate N/A $2,405,815 40%
2010 A Nightmare on Elm Street Samuel Bayer New Line Cinema $35,000,000 $115,664,037 15%
2013 The Purge James DeMonaco Universal Pictures $3,000,000 $89,328,627 38%
2014 The Purge: Anarchy James DeMonaco $9,000,000 $110,602,999 56%
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Jonathan Liebesman Paramount Pictures $125,000,000 $485,004,754 21%
Ouija Stiles White Universal Pictures $5,000,000 $102,529,779 7%
2015 Project Almanac Dean Israelite Paramount Pictures $12,000,000 $32,248,241 34%
2016 Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Half Shell Dave Green
The Purge 3 James DeMonaco Universal Pictures
Ouija 2 Mike Flanagan
2017 Lockdown at Franklin High Federico D'Alessandro Sony Pictures