Platinum Party of Employers Who Think and Act to Increase Awareness

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Platinum Party of Employers Who Think and Act to Increase Awareness
Active provincial party
Leader Espavo Sozo (interim)
Founded 2005 (2005)
Headquarters Victoria, British Columbia
Ideology Government accountability
Colours Platinum

The Platinum Party of Employers Who Think and Act to Increase Awareness, commonly shortened to the Platinum Party, is a minor political party in British Columbia, Canada.

It has nominated eleven candidates in the 2005 BC election, who won a total of 779 votes (0.04% of the provincial total). None was elected. Stephen Christopher Davis was the party's most successful candidate, winning 179 votes (0.71% of the provincial vote) in Fort Langley-Aldergrove. Two of its candidates won fewer than 20 votes.

It did not nominate candidates in the 2009 election, and nominated two candidates in the 2013 election.

The party's interim leader is Espavo Sozo. Espavo Sozo has worked internationally and has lived in both Canada and Japan. He is also known as Jaguar of Japan or Jag. Its previous leader was Jeff Robert Evans.

The party's aim is to ensure that the Government of British Columbia has in place the procedures necessary to maintain a legitimate position of authority over the commercial sector in BC. In particular, it seeks to ensure that the government's employees have sworn and signed an oath; deposited a security, money, property, or bond with or without securities; and are covered by a lawful liability insurance carrier. The party argues that without the above, no agent can lawfully claim to perform the duties with which they have been empowered. It is also concerned that there is a lack of adequate checks and balances where a government employee is cited for civil abuse.

The party is a single issue party: it does not maintain policies on any other issues.

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