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Platypus is a horizontal scrolling shooter game created by Anthony Flack. The player flies an antiquated spacecraft (the last of the fictional F-27 Platypus fleet) attempting to defend planet Mungola from Colossatropolis, which has become so overcrowded that its inhabitants are taking over Mungola for space and resources. The game uses a 'Level-Area' structure, with five areas in one level. The player scores depending on the percent of primary targets and transport carriers killed.


All the artwork for the game was created using a process called Claymation. Flack has stated that due to limited availability of Plasticine in his home country of New Zealand at the time the game was created, he re-used the same lump of grey clay to create all the models, photographed them with a digital camera, and coloured the images in Adobe Photoshop.


On November 17, 2006, Platypus saw a release for Sony's PlayStation Portable console. On March 26, 2009 it became available for download on the PlayStation Network.[1] The game functions the same as its full PC downloadable version, but with minor changes for the PSP version, like the new screen size.

On November 24, 2009, Platypus was released on Xbox Live Indie Games.

On August 16, 2014, Platypus got released on Steam.


The music in both Platypus and Platypus 2 on all platforms except iPhone consists of various remixes of Commodore 64 game tunes by various Commodore 64 composers, and performed by various remixers of Commodore 64 music. They originally appeared on CDs from the label, and were licensed to Idigicon Ltd. by High Technology Publishing Ltd. The current publishers for all composers whose music appeared in the game except Jonathan Dunn who is represented by Bucks Music Publishing Ltd. and who at the time was unpublished. Where possible, full credits appeared in the distributions, albeit in text file form.

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