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Developer(s) Quentin Pâris
Repository Edit this at Wikidata
Operating system macOS
Type Compatibility layer
License GPL, LGPL

PlayOnMac is a free compatibility layer for macOS that allows installation and use of video games and apps designed to run on Microsoft Windows. PlayOnMac is based on the open-source Wine project.[1][2]

The software uses an online database of installers (called scripts) that are applied to different applications that need special configuration. The scripts act as installers for the desired software. If the game or software is not in the database, a manual installation can be performed but the result cannot be guaranteed. Aside from games, any other program can be installed and each one is put in a different container to prevent interference of one program with another.[3][4] PlayOnMac allows users to install some of the most popular Windows applications and many games.[5]

As with Wine, the use of PlayOnMac does not require nor use a Windows license.

PlayOnMac is developed using a combination of Bash and Python and uses the toolkit wxPython.

Notable supported software[edit]

PlayOnMac supports various piece of software including:[5]

Unsupported software[edit]

Software that is not officially supported may also work if the setup or executable program is launched with PlayOnMac

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