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The official multitap for the PlayStation

The PlayStation Multitap (SCPH-1070) is a peripheral adapter for the PlayStation console. It can be used to plug in up to five controllers at once, or up to eight controllers at once if Multitaps are plugged into both of the PlayStation console's built-in controller ports.[1] The peripheral was originally only available in gray (SCPH-1070 U) to match the original console's color, however it was later re-released in white as well (SCPH-1070 UH) to match the colors of the later PS one redesigns. Both versions are compatible with the original PlayStation and the PSone, as well as all versions of the PlayStation 2, however they will only function with original PlayStation games (multiplayer PS2 games required a PS2-specific version of Multitap, which differ depending on the model).[2]

Games compatible with the PlayStation Multitap[edit]

1–3 Players

1–4 Players

1–5 Players

1–8 Players


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