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PlayStation Portable system software
Developer Sony Computer Entertainment
OS family Unix-like
Working state Current
Source model Closed source
Initial release December 12, 2004; 10 years ago (2004-12-12) (as 1.00)
Latest release 6.61 / January 15, 2015; 6 months ago (2015-01-15)
Available in Danish, German, English (United States), Spanish, French, Italian, Dutch, Norwegian, Polish, Portuguese, Russian, Finnish, Swedish, Turkish, Japanese, Korean, Chinese (simplied), Chinese (traditional).[1]
Update method Direct Download
Download via PS3
Download via PC
Universal Media Disc
Platforms PlayStation Portable
Default user interface XrossMediaBar
Preceded by N/A
Succeeded by PlayStation Vita
Official website

PlayStation Portable System Software is the official firmware for the PlayStation Portable. Updates add new functionality as well as security patches to prevent homebrew applications and plugins from being executed on the system. Updates can be obtained in four ways:

  • Direct download to the PSP over Wi-Fi. This can be performed by choosing [Settings], [System Update] from the XMB.
  • Download to a PC, then transfer to the PSP via a USB cable or Memory Stick.
  • Included on the UMD of some games. These games may not run with earlier firmware than the version on their UMD.
  • Download from a PS3 to a PSP system via USB cable. (Japanese and American version only)

While system software updates can be used with consoles from any region, Sony recommends only downloading system software updates released for the region corresponding to the system's place of purchase. System software updates have added various features including a web browser, Adobe Flash Player 6 support, additional codecs for images, audio, and video, PlayStation 3 connectivity, as well as patches against several security exploits, vulnerabilities, and execution of homebrew programs.[2] The battery must be at least 50% charged or else the system will prevent the update from installing. If the power supply is lost while writing to the system software, the console will no longer be able to operate unless the system is booted in service mode or sent to Sony for repair if still under warranty.

Custom firmware (CFW) is also often seen in the PlayStation Portable handhelds. The most famous ones include the M33 Custom Firmware, Minimum Edition (ME/LME) CFW and the PRO CFW.

The most recent version of the system software, 6.61, was made available on January 15, 2015.

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