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PlayTV logomarca.jpg
Launched June 5, 2006; 10 years ago (2006-06-05)
Owned by Gamecorp
Country Brazil
Language (Portuguese)
Broadcast area Brazil
Headquarters São Paulo (SP)
Formerly called Rede 21
SKY Brasil Channel 181
Claro TV Channel 118
Oi TV Channel 109
NET Channel 122

PlayTV is a Brazilian television station operated by Gamecorp. It was inaugurated on June 5, 2006 replacing Rede 21 in partnership with Grupo Bandeirantes de Comunicação. As soon as the contract has ended with Bandeirantes, it became a private channel being transmitted by SKY Brasil, NET Serviços and other pay television services in Brazil. Its programming is focused on information about music, movies, anime and games.


Satellite transmission[edit]

Between March 30 and May 28, 2007, Play TV was present at 1240 MHz horizontal of Star One B4(Star One C2)(today, this frequency is used by a gospel channel), previously used for the transmission of TV Jockey. Later, the channel also started broadcasting at 4087 MHz horizontal of Brasilsat B3 (Brasilsat B4).[1] Now used to broadcast infomercials,[2] the frequency is still owned by Play TV.

On July 8, Rede 21, returned to the analog system from 15h00min to 00h00min.

End of transmission[edit]

On July 7, 2008, Rede 21 returned after the breach of contract between Grupo Bandeirantes de Comunicação and Gamecorp (owned by Oi (telecommunications) — former Telemar — and Fábio Luís Lula da Silva).

The partnership should be of ten years, however, Grupo Bandeirantes de Comunicação, not satisfied with the channel, decided not to renew the contract with Play TV creative masterminds, replaced by Rede 21, at 21 UHF of São Paulo.[3] Then, the channel became available only via on-line streaming.

Resumption of transmissions[edit]

On November 11, 2008, the channel has become a paid channel, with the channel 86 of SKY Brazil. The channel also announced that will be broadcast by the cable TV NET city of Brasília on the date December 1.

On November 11, 2008, the channel became closed, transmitted at channel 86 in SKY Brasil. Also, the channel announced that is going to be transmitted by NET Serviços in Brasília by December 1.[4]


PlayTV actually divides its programming with music videos, film reviews, gameplay TV programs, humorous TV dramas, reality shows, and anime series.[5][6]

Current programming[edit]

  • Eu Q Mando Twitter - block with music videos selected by Twitter users
  • Caliente - block with uncensored music videos
  • Cineplay - program based on film backstages
  • Combo Fala + Joga - a "mashup" of talk show with video game competitions
  • GameTV - news about video games
  • Bunka Pop - Japanese pop culture
  • Interferência - a selection of music videos of a certain genre
  • Ponto Pop 10 - news about pop music including a list of 10 music videos
  • Mok - news about video games and technology
  • Qu4tro Coisas - pop culture

Current anime programming[edit]

Former anime programming[edit]


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