Play (Mexican band)

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Origin Mexico
Genres Latin Pop
Years active 2006–2007
Labels Warner Music
Members Miguel Martinez
Maria Chacon
Glayds Gallegos
Alejandro Rivera
Roxana Puente
Anuhuar Escalante
Michelle Alvarez

Play, also known as Grupo Play, is a teen Mexican band made in 2006 out of teenagers from the reality show for kids Código F.A.M.A. made by the giant company Televisa. There are 7 members in the band and only 6 out of 7 of the band were in a telenovela from Televisa. They have already had their debut CD released in Mexico. In their official website they state that their reality show, and telenovelas Código F.A.M.A., Alegrijes y Rebujos, and Mision S.O.S is behind them. The group disbanded in 2007 because of problems with their record label.


2006 Play.


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