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This article is about the defunct U.S. video game magazine. For the U.K.-based PlayStation magazine, see Play (UK magazine). For the Chinese PC-gaming magazine, see Play (PRC magazine).
Cover for September 2007
Categories Video games
Frequency Monthly (13 issues per annum)
First issue 2001
Final issue January 2010
Company Fusion Publishing
Country United States
Website Official play website (defunct)
ISSN 1537-7539

Play was a U.S.-based magazine focused on video games, manga and anime, and other media such as film and television, comics, music. Published by Fusion Publishing between 2001 and 2010, play magazine also had a separate Internet presence on its website, playmagazine. The magazine's founder and editor-in-chief was Dave Halverson.

The magazine offered previews, reviews and opinion pieces on games, anime and other media, as the publishers believed there is significant overlap between the core audiences of these media. The website also contained reader polls, editor blogs, and extensive archives of past reviews.

Play magazine also published the annual "girls of gaming" issue featuring artwork of female video game, anime, and manga characters, often in provocative clothing and suggestive poses.


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