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Play Dead were an English post-punk group from Oxford that grew out of the fading English punk scene in 1980. Though the band was identified with groups like UK Decay and Sex Gang Children, the band felt they didn't belong under the gothic title. The band made three studio albums for four different small labelsFresh Records, Jungle Records, Situation 2, and Clay Records—before forming their own label, Tanz, for their final album, Company Of Justice, which appeared in 1985.

The original lineup of Play Dead was Rob Hickson (vocals), Pete Waddleton (bass), Mark "Wiff" Smith (drums), and Re-Vox (guitar). In July 1981, Re-Vox was replaced by Steven Green. In 1984, Rob and Pete created the project Mankind's Audio Development (nicknamed M.A.D.). Only one single was recorded with the two songs "Craving" and "Sunfeast." Waddleton left the group in 1986 and, after a brief period as The Beastmaster Generals, the band dissolved.



  • 1983 - May 12, 1983 Leeds Warehouse
  • 1983 - Live in Norwich, Ska Ballroom - May 13, 1983
  • 1983 - Live - July 28, 1983 Hull, Dingwalls / Live October 13, 1983 Hammersmith, Klub Foot
  • 1984 - Live in France at Forum Des Halles - July 1, 1984
  • 1984 - Oct 7th, Kolingsborg, Stockholm, Sweden
  • 1984 - Live in Norrkoping Sweden - October 10, 1984
  • 1985 - Dec 18th 1985, Tufnel Park, Penthouse, London(previously listed as 1984 )
  • 2003 - The Final Pieces (Bootleg)

Side projects[edit]

The Beastmaster Generals[edit]

In Spring 1986 the remaining members of Play Dead - Hickson, Green and Smith - teamed up with Bob Brimson and Julian Silvester and briefly formed another group, The Beastmaster Generals. The group wrote a few songs and recorded a few demos, but nothing was officially released and the new group quickly dissolved to due lack of interest from the band members themselves.

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